ProdDeM Work-book


Exercise 1 Design and 3d printing of mechanical structures 

Exercise 2 Reverse engineering and analysis of aerodynamic structure

Exercise 3 Design and analysis of the strongest tower

Exercise 4 Digitalization engineering

Exercise 5 Designing, manufacturing and inspection of various mechanical parts

Exercise 6  A plate design, manufacturing and inspection

Exercise 7  The details of inspection process regarding a 3D printed product characterized by a curvilinear surface

Exercise 8 Pivot bolt - design and manufacturing (CAD/CNC)

Exercise 9 Design and manufacturing of the plywood toolbox (CAD/CAM/CNC)

Exercise 10 Component reverse engineering (CAD/3D print)

Exercise 11 Custom fixture plate (CAD/CAM/CNC)

Exercise 12 Measurements on a cmm, practical example using a disc stylus

Exercise 13 Design and 3D Printing of Airfoil blade using NACA Airfoil Database – Autodesk Inventor Tutorial

Exercise 14 Introduction to CNC Conversational Programming and CMM Measuring

Exercise 15 Metal 3D printing- Stainless Steel 17-4PH and Machinability

Exercise 16 Introduction to Autodesk Fusion 360 Topology Optimization and 3D printing

Exercise 17 Machining of Tensile Specimens – Autodesk Inventor HSM

Exercise 18 Product design and development of a fixture intended for a grinding wheel clamping on a tool presetter

Exercise 19 Product design and development of a tooling system having an application in metal forming process

Exercise 20 Virtual pen holder development, design, manufacturing and inspection