Output Title

Integrated Digital Workbook for ProDeM students


Output Type

Learning / teaching / training material – Other


Output Description

Output Description. The objective of this output is to develop an integrated and digital work-book for students of product development and manufacturing at Master’s level education (and similarily to the didactic ProDeM Guide for the educators) covering the whole cycle of:

  1. Initial development phase (covering courses like product development and design, including phases like brain storming, mind mapping etc);
  2. Computer-aided design phase of the product and computer-aided simulation (CAD/CAE);
  3. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and CNC machining phase;
  4. Quality control, including coordinate measuring (CMM) and industrial metrology.

The rationale why this kind of new digital work-book is needed lies in 3 main factors:

  • Most of the study materials are not holistic and integrated enough and cover only selected parts of so called ProDeM cycle (either product design, CAD/CAE, CAM, quality control, etc. The idea is to include all phases from initial development to quality control;
  • Study materials do not include the sufficient overview of relevant digital manufacturing tools to their sufficient depth. The use implementation of those selected digital manufacturing tools (please see output 1 the didactic guide) will be linked to most of the exercises of the new work-book to students.
  • To link the education to real world problems in product development and manufacturing, problembased learning (PBL) method is applied in developing the exercises in this work-book.
  • The main ideal way is to use this work-book holistically to support product development experiments and practical lab work (from design to manufacturing and quality control) at Master’s level but technically it will be solved that way that the digital work-book can also be used as 4 separate parts/ modules to support also other courses and their content of e-learning materials.