Kaunas University of Technology

17th of January 2022. DIG_MAN project team at Kaunas University of Technology have established a special portal within their e-learning environment for accessing all the learning materials from developed. 

The site is currently still under construction , but one should keep a close eye on it as the content is being updated on regular intervals. When ready, access will be given to the wider audience. 



13th of May 2021. The whole KTU DIG_MAN team participated the International Young Researchers Conference “INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING 2021”. Where they took the opportunity and showcased the results of the DIG_MAN project to the wider audience.

CLICK HERE for detailed programme.



Results and achievements regarding intellectual output of the project were presented in the virtual conference organized in Kaunas on October 22-23 "Materials Engineering and Modern Manufacturing 2020".


Materials Engineering and Modern Manufacturing 2020. 28th International Baltic Conference. Book of Abstracts.


08.10.2020 Regita Bendikiene After meeting on October 1


09.03.2020 Regita Bendikiene 2nd Transnational Meeting


17.01.2020 Regita Bendikiene Output 1 Questionnairies